Keynote Talk – Prof. Karl Tuyls

We are delighted to announce that Karl Tuyls will be giving a keynote at this years ALIA symposium. The abstract is detailed below, for more information see the keynote speakers page here.

For more information about Karl please visit his website.

Bio-Inspired Autonomous Systems and Robotics

Bio-inspired autonomous systems investigate principles of sensory motor control, autonomy, evolution and coordination from biological systems for the design of advanced robots. Through abstraction of the design principles of biological systems, techniques can be developed for the control of dynamic robotic systems, decision making, adaptability, and computational optimization. An important challenge in robotics is to create adaptive systems that are able to autonomously operate in diverse environments and are capable of learning from this environment and their peers in order to tackle complex tasks. For this purpose we investigate bio-inspired techniques such as swarm intelligence (social insect behavior as found in honyebees and ants), reinforcement learning, evolutionary algorithms, and evolutionary game theory. In this talk I will sketch some of the major challenges in this research area and will overview some ongoing research projects that use bio-inspired techniques for coordination, learning and control in robotic systems.


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