Event Program

This is the provisional timetable for ALIA. We will be adding detail to this program in the near future, please check back for updates.

Day 1 will consist of presentations, detailing cutting edge research in the field of Artificial Life and Intelligent Agents, A full list of accepted papers is available here.

5th November 6th November
9 – 9:30am Coffee and Networking Coffee and Networking
9:30 – 10am Opening Address

Professor David Shepherd: Welcome to Bangor

Christopher Headleand : ALIA 2014

Invited Address
10 – 1pm PANEL 1
Multi-Robot Coverage: A Bee Pheromone Signalling Approach
An exploration on intuitive interfaces for robot control based on self organisation
Human Robot-Team Interaction – Towards the factory of the future

Ashby’s Mobile Homeostat
Simulated Road Following using Neuroevolution
Mobile GPGPU Acceleration of Embodied Robot Simulation

HPC Wales (A Technical Overview) – Dr Adrian Fewings, HPC Wales Systems Engineer / Jay Davies (Creative Sector HPC Wales Systems Engineer)

Artificial Life and High Performance Computing – Christopher Headleand

The Funding Landscape – Laura Redfern, Outreach Mentor HPC Wales

Peter Bowen – Project Manager at Dstl, Porton Down: Highly Robust Ground Platform CDE Themed Call

Students working with HPC – Horde Labs

The ocean rift and Virtual Reality – Llyr ap Cenydd

Question and Answer Session

Workshop activity and group discussion

1 – 2pm Lunch Lunch
Karl Tulys – Bio-inspired Autonomous Systems and Robotics

Learning in Networked Interactions: A Replicator Dynamics Approach
Enhancing Active Vision System Categorisation Capability through Uniform Local Binary Pattern
Using a Local Search Approach for Solving the CVRP

Towards Real-time Behavioural Evolution in Video Games
An Agent-Based Model of Excess Kurtosis in Financial Market Returns
Adaptive Training for Aggression De-escalation

Day 1 Closing Remarks

The Process of R&D Collaboration

Agent Directed Design for Robotics

Developmental Algorithms for Robotics

Unmanned Vehicles and Autonomy Research in QinetiQ

EU Horizon 2020

Pecha Kucha Session

Discussion Panel & Close


ALIA is a new symposium focusing on Artificial Life and Intelligent Agent research.

The symposium is planned as a two day event, with day 1 focusing on academic presentations, and day 2 dedicated to tutorials, industry engagement and workshops. read more

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